[Denied]San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application

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[Denied]San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application Empty [Denied]San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application

Post by Fadi West on Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:39 pm

San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application
Use this form if you wish to join The SAFMD
Date of Birth:5/03/1990
Present Address:6017
Cellphone Number:6017
Do you hold a valid San Andreas State Driver's license?(Screenshot of your /licenses)https://imgur.com/a/ulEIu
Social Security Number(Screenshot of your /stats):https://imgur.com/a/ulEIu
Educational Background(Name of High School and College):Los Santos High School.
Are you a previous employee of any Government Agency?yes , SAPD Captain.
Do you have a previous employment background in any Medical Agency or Fire Department?no
References(member's name, rank, quotation):N/A
What makes you an attractive candidate to join this department?(Minimum 150 words)Right now I am thinking of a good reason why to join the FMD. But I have remembered an event that happend when I was around 12 years old, which made me think that I want to be like the guys in the red and white vans, that I want to save peoples lives! When I was a small boy, every morning I would drive from my home to school, on my BMX. And then after school I would drive back.I cant really remember that well what happened that day, but, I was hit by a car, some drunk bloke ran a red light, and hit me with around 30mph I think. The only thing I remember is the paramedic, the paramedic that saved my life! Of course my bike was in pieces, I was too, sort of.
Time went by, I was just 1 day in the recovery process, and the paramedic (the one that saved my life) came the minute he could to visit me. After I finished my recovery, and wanted to leave the hospital with my family, the paramedic gave me a present, it was a BMX! I was really happy that day and it was very heartwarming. I will never forget that moment. After all that, I knew that I want to be like him, I also want to save lives! So here I am hoping that my dream will fullfill.
Biography(Minimum 150 words):Hello , my name is Fadi West, I was born in All Saints Hospital on 05-03-1990, right now I am 25 years old. My family and me lived very peacefull in Los Santos, but then everything changed, my father left. That was very bad because now my mother needed to keep 3 brothers and me alive by her work, she was a veterinarian. The job pays well but not enough to keep us as we normally would. So my brothers and I also started working, we did everything, from pizza delivery boy to being mailman. We lived like that for what seemed a long time. Until I was 12 years old, then the world changed for me. I was hit by a car, on my bike (look under). After that I had a plan in my life, a mission. So after this, I really started working very hard. On my 19th birthday I could afford to do my drivers license and to buy a car of course. I had worked and worked, it would seem that it will never stop. Thats it, when I was 22 I had enough money to have a General air traffic training. I followed the training and started my job as a real airline pilot. It was a very money earning job. But also a job that is very hard because, most of the time I am not even home, but my family needed the money, so I came up with an idea. This is where I asked my brothers for help, I helped them in finding a well earning job, somewhere in Los Santos, I have 3 brothers in total. So it took quite a while for them to all find a job but we got there. After a year or so I could finally think of doing the fire and medical training, I calculated that I need to work about a half year before I have enough money for the training. I was really happy to know that, it was the first time I was hyped for a job. The half year went past like wind. Finally, I can do the training for my dream job! My brothers and my mom were really proud of me of how fast I can my dreams come true. I did the fire and medical training, and I actually passed with an excellent score. So here I am here being all proud, and ready for my job as an FMD officer
Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?Yes
Are you fluent in any language, other than English?yes
Geographical location:Israel
Have you read the handbook?(Yes/No and explain)Sure

Fadi West

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[Denied]San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application Empty Re: [Denied]San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application

Post by OG Coto on Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:04 pm

Your english is bad 
 In the question "What makes you an attractive candidate to join this department" the story you write is nothing to do about the question

[Denied]San Andreas Fire and Medical Department Application BiyMMXg7T
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