[Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form.

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[Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form. Empty [Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form.

Post by Hood on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:57 am

San Andreas Police Department Form
1.1.Title: Mr.
1.2.Surname: Laquite
1.3.Forename: Riadyn
1.4.Sex Male
1.5.Age: 21
1.6.Date of Birth: 5/1/1996
1.7.Nationality: Italy
1.8.Phone Number 8439
1.9.Place of Birth: All Saints Hospital
1.10.Current Residency: Male
1.11.Email: riadynlaquite@gmail.com
1.12.Do you posess any medical condition? No
2.1.Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the english language? Yes
2.2.Are you fluent in any language, other than English? Yep, Arabic
3.1.Do you posess a Vehicle license? Yes
3.1.1.If yes, do you possess any driver's warnings? No
3.2.Do you possess a firearms license? No
3.3.Show licenses(use imgur.com for upload your image and post here the link): [Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form. HvLnuQv
4.1.Have you ever been employed by the Police Department before? Yes
5.1.Write your personal biography (100+ words): I was born in 1990 in a densely populated, wealthy area of Las Venturas and was raised in an influential and caring family with a stable financial background. My mother, Iana Hayes worked as an accountant in a subsidiary/daughter company of Hath Corporation, while my father, Riadyn Hayes was a reputable and successful lawyer setting headquarters and owning numerous offices in the outskirts of the large city. My parents had a close relationship and family bonds were of great strength. I was taught manner and loyalty throughout my childhood years and after finishing preschool education and primary school, my father insisted that I should learn law and continue his workmanship.

I took his advice and my studies in the following years consisted of nothing more, but criminal and civil law, followed by learning comparative psychology and gaining a deep and thorough insight into the puzzling world of criminology.

However, as time passed I decided to move on with learning chemistry and I immediately, inconsiderately put off with my other studies, turning my one and only father against me. Due to this decision, I was left all alone and my father refused to pay for my education. Even though my mother tried helping me out financially when she was able to, I still had to start working and earning my own money. Managing was hard and the lack of experience made it nearly impossible to break out of unemployment just then. This was the time when a great passion for music started to show. I soon started learning theory, writing and sound engineering, all self-educated. This unique idea proved to be successful and I could finance my education thus eventually continue my studies.

I learn forensic chemistry and basic physics, and was later asked to teach in a high school nearby. I was more than willing to accept the offer and started right away. After finishing further studies I had a stable financial background yet again and could live a happy life from then on. Then, out of the blue I was called and asked to show up at the police station whenever I felt the time was appropriate. I felt suspicious about this and surely believed that the phone call was of dubious background. After two days of going over facts however, I turned up out of curiosity. I was offered a place inside the Criminal Investigation Department as an agent to do researches on synthetic marijuana and investigate, find the whereabouts of a recent, newly discovered compound that started showing up and was used for speed manufacture. Within walking distance was the chief standing, smiling at me like a little boy who's just been gifted his favorite toy. My tale started here and I could, for the first time experience first-person how things actually go in the law enforcement and had to constantly overcome pressure, gore and crime's true, uncensored nature. Unfortunately, I couldn't take it anymore and resigned 2 years later, but then came my father supporting every step of mine. After his sudden death in a car accident, I felt something change. I felt stronger, with never fading ambitions of continuing and taking my previous place in the police department.
5.2.Write your past achievements: -
6.1.Do you have any current recommendations from current employees of the PD? Yes
7.1.Applicant Oath: I agree
8.1.Gender: Male
8.2.What is your in-game level? 3
8.3.Age: 13
8.4.Country and GMT: Philippines
8.5.List all previous names of current character: No
8.6.Do you have any LEO experience? Yes, SAST Leader - SANG private - SAPD Senior Officer.
8.7.Screenshot of your /stats (upload the image in imgur.com and post the link here):[Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form. HvLnuQv


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[Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form. Empty Re: [Accepted] Riadyn Laquite's application form.

Post by Dwayne Dutch on Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:44 pm

Accepted by Commissioner San Andreas Police Department
Rob Smalls
Dwayne Dutch
Dwayne Dutch
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