Complaint against Michael_Loreno

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Complaint against Michael_Loreno Empty Complaint against Michael_Loreno

Post by Robert Mueller on Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:51 pm

In game name: Antonio_Bellucci
In game Level: 7
The Admins related: Michael_Loreno
What did he do: Abusing admin powers
What actually happened: So, lemme explain everything. This admin is so dumb and he got admin due to activity nothing else. You don't give someone admin because he's admin. So, I was reporting stuff he wasn't responding. He was flying with his bike and not responding to reports. I was capturing a point, he logs in with his main account, Steven_Ruhl, then he captures the point. I try to capture it again, he shoots me, I run OUT OF THE POINT, OUT OF THE POINT. LIKE VERY FAR, he kept on shooting which is not allowed, shooting out of point is prisonable and don't say no, I was prisoned for this months ago. I reported and Michael didn't give a fuck. I insulted him and I AM SAYING. He kicks me and that's normal. It's my fault. But then, after I go  back to the point and got shot OUT OF THE point again, I get killed. I accept death, Steven_Ruhl quits and I was going to another point (The Sprunk Factory). When I was heading there, Michael_Loreno the admin, comes out of no where. And asks, where did you get this full kevlar from? Is he dumb? He didn't even check my stats. I had a lot of crack. I actually went to the tiki store and got the full kevlar by tikis. He was like; where did you get the full kevlar from? Are you hacking? I didn't even fucking explain and he says im fucking hacking. I was so pissed when he asked me if I was hacking, I was like yes, I'm hacking. Ban me. He was like, Hackers don't have a place here, then, instead of banning, he just abused his admin powers, /sethp Antonio_Bellucci 0, killed me, then kicked me. Which is ABUSIVE. I DIDN'T EVEN RESPOND TO HIS QUESTION, HE DIRECTLY SETS MY HP TO 0 AND KICKS ME WHICH IS SO UNPROFFESSIONAL AND NOT ACCEPTABLE. People like him make me quit the server and piss me off. From that time. You either remove him from the admin team, because the evidence is obvious. Or, I, myself, leave the server and keep on losing players and beg me to back back. Literally half of the server, half of the players that are active are from me because I invited them. I can easily tell them to find another server. If you want to let irrognant and assholes in your admin roster, I'm leaving and gonna let my friends come after me one by one. Easy.
Evidence: Complaint against Michael_Loreno MpNodPe
Complaint against Michael_Loreno HhMf4aH
Before you think I got a kevlar from a bug, because in the screenshot I said "A FUCKING BUG". I wasn't talking about the kevlar that time, I was talking about the Sprunk Factory point because I can't /capture. It says it's not available yet but when you /points it says it is.
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